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New Teachers

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Questions: What is your position? Where did you work before? Any goals? Looking forward to… ? What do you do in your free time? What do you think about SHS

Kimberly Petrafesa: English teacher, former teacher at Stratford High School, To get her 6 – year degree, Becoming a bigger part of the SHS community, Hangs out with her 17-month- old son, Loves the students and her colleagues.

Karen Costes: History teacher, Special education tutor at Simsbury High School, Increase Literacy, comprehension skills, and generate critical thinking among students, Getting the feel of the school community, watching and playing sports and being outside, She’s been enjoying getting to know the students and says the staff is ver supportive and nice.

Stacy Garrity: Special education teacher, Teacher at Madison Middle School, For all of her students to have a successful school year, Being back at Shelton High School, Traveling, Cooking and reading, It has not changed very much since she graduated.

Kristen Richmond: Spanish Teacher, Worked at Newtown High School, To help students gain appreciation for learning a new language and to increase Spanish fluency.

Debra Goldstein: Music Teacher, Worked at Sacred Heart, To involve more students in performing arts/music classes, Becoming a part of the Shelton community, Spending time with her kids and cats, reading, baking, and watching football, An amazing place with great diverse, supportive, and welcoming students.

Shaina Pancaldo: Math teacher, Worked as a math teacher in Wilton, To be the best math teacher she can be and potentially become a sports coach, Getting to know all of her students and faculty, Running, cooking, and gardening, She has had a great time getting to know her students.

Laura Sargent: Spanish teacher, Was at Newtown High School, To bring the love, culture and knowledge of the Spanish language, Getting to know and build relationships with the SHS students, teachers and the Shelton community, Still learning, but likes the school so far.

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New Teachers