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Swirl Dress Ideas

Becca Marin, Staff Writer

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Every girl likes to dress up once in a while (you’re lying if you say you don’t), so why not shine at 2017’s Swirl Dance? These four dress ideas could

inspire you to find your perfect dress. These dress styles and colors are simple enough to wear alone with a pair of heels or flats, but it’ll be easy enough to add your own personal twist. Adding a necklace, bracelet, earrings, or a classic clutch would be a great touch to spice up any of these looks. Time is running out, so stop standing around and go to your nearest dress store and find your picture-

perfect dress for this magical night.

Black Lace Long Sleeve

• Basic black color
• Lace adds to “semi formal” look
• Easy to pair with any color heels or flats
• Long sleeves are perfect for the winter season

Navy Blue Short Sleeve

• If you don’t want just plain black, you can use navy blue as a subsititute • Small amount of lace at the top
• Goes well with a simple silver bracelet and earrings
• Pair with gold colored heels

Burgundy Halter Top Dress

• A halter top is a more unique dress type
• Doesn’t need to add any jewelry
• Nude suede single strap heel will be great to pair with this dress

Lilac Skater Dress

• Very simple, yet semi formal
• Fitted at the top, flows at the bottom
• White clutch is a nice addition
• Easy to pair with a single strap nude heel

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Swirl Dress Ideas