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The Election: The Outcomes of the Polls

Angela Camara and Armana Islam

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President-Elect Donald Trump received major support in Shelton, Connecticut this Election Day.

On November 8, 2016 at Shelton Intermediate School and across the globe, Americans voted in arguably the most controversial presidential election. Tensions were high, and voters had a mix of opinions ranging from strong praise of Donald Trump to die- hard Hillary Clinton supporters to not favoring either.

Claire Mora, Cheryl Clanten, and Larry McDonald, voters at Shelton Intermediate School, shared the common belief that this election was “the lesser of two evils”.

Cheryl Clanten “could not stand listening to the debates” but ultimately decided to vote for Hillary Clinton due to their common beliefs on national security and foreign policy.

Claire Mora also voted for Hillary Clinton “unfortunately”, though wishes she “could vote for Obama again”. She stated that she made her decision because “[Hillary] cares about women and children”. Mora said she could not vote for Donald Trump because she wants “no discrimination”.

Larry McDonald did not state his voting preference, though said it was most important that America “works together” despite the fact that the choices “suck”.

Along with these voters, came many who strongly supported Donald Trump. This is not surprising, as the voter tally in Shelton was 12,051 Trump to 8,001 Clinton.

Scott Palma and Jason Perillo, Connecticut State Representative, were among Trump’s supporters.

Palma said he was “ready for the election to
be over” but voted for Donald Trump due to their common stances on taxes and health care. When asked why he voted for him, he said because Trump was going to “make America great again”.

Perillo ultimately voted for Donald Trump,
but said, “Trump was not my first choice, but he was my last choice”. He said he refused to vote for Hillary Clinton because he “would not let her babysit his child, let alone run the country”.

Despite Trump being the popular vote in Shelton, there were still some strong Hillary Clinton supporters.

Among them was Ed (did not state his last name) who described the two candidates as “women rights vs. a prejudice, misogynist, outdates mode of interacting with citizens”. He said he was “glad we were finally going to have a woman president”.

Whether the election turned out in your favor, or against, election officials were there to watch every waking moment of it. From waking up at the crack of dawn, to waiting for the final poll results at nine pm, tensions ran high, and stress came in waves.

The job of a poll checker and ballot clerk seem nothing but simple, writing off someone’s name, and handing them a ballot, but as the floods of people enter the gymnasium, these simple tasks got harder and harder. Sunnyside Elementary School and Shelton Intermediate school, along with other polling locations around the town, had their fair share of characters walk through the doors, some with prohibited campaign wear that slipped the moderators, some teaching their children how to vote, and others toting around their dog, and get this, a cat as well.

As you may know, any form of “campaigning” is illegal within a 75 foot confine around the polling station, but some managed to cheat and make it in with Trump stickers or Clinton pins. Some voters even decided to speak their opinion, where someone as opinionated as the employees were not allowed to respond in such manner.

The hours tick by with the heavy waves of voters coming in at the breakfast hour, the lunch break, and stopping by on the way home from work- where


the job gets more and more stressful. Anxious voters waited and waited for their name to be checked off in a timely fashion, eager voters tapped their fingers as they waited for their ticket to be collected and their ballot to be received. For a ballot clerk, the job never ended, even in the dull moments were they still tallying and stuffing privacy folders for the voters, breathing time was only allowed during the quiet moments at the polls where it sounded almost as if you could hear a pin drop.

Now, you may be thinking, “Who would ever want to wake up so early, just to hand out ballots?”
But trust me, we all asked ourselves this, even the employees at the polls, but never did we think it would be so rewarding to take part in this historical election, in such a minimal yet meaningful way. Involvement in government can start small, but it always resonates to a bigger ideal.

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The Election: The Outcomes of the Polls